Tresidder Limited has been supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP for decades – ever since the program was called Great Plains Accounting and distributed on floppy disks. Over that time we have gained tremendous experience with the ins & outs of updating from one version to the next, and migrating from one platform to another.

Whether you’re updating from an old version of GP, upgrading or transferring your SQL Server databases to a new server, or migrating from another accounting software package altogether, we can help to make the transition simple and seamless.

A broad overview of these processes:

  • Upgrading previous version of Great Planes or Microsoft Dynamics GP to a more recent version.
  • Migrating from software such as Microsoft Small Business Financials / Intuit Quickbooks to the most recent version of Dynamics GP.
  • Transferring and updating SQL Server databases.

As previously stated, those are just the general overviews of some services we have typically provided in the past. By no means does this limit our capabilities. We are always training our professionals on the newest emerging technologies so that we are always ready and able to help with a wide variety of services!

If you are interested in one of these services, or are curious as to what other services we may or have provided, please Contact us so we can have one of our specialized professionals personally answer these questions!